1802 Europe.

She’s an orphaned psychic.

He’s the Crown Prince of Terrigrannad.

After a morning of unfortunate events, Hestéat, a noblewoman skilled in the use of healing herbs, is walking in the rain, wearing a gown pulled from a rag bin. She is rescued by the Crown Prince and his retinue. To prevent gossips from inventing scandalous stories about her, Hestéat claims a fake identity.

Kept awake at night because of a secret so dangerous that not even his guards are allowed to know it, Crown Prince Charmánen is not convinced he will ever by worthy of his father’s throne. When Charmánen rescues a bedraggled young woman from the rain who behaves like an aristocrat, he yearns to find out more about her, but fate has other plans for him.

Back home, Hestéat's stepmother has plans for her that would horrify her real parents. Unfortunately, Hestéat’s psychic power can only find people, which is useless in her fight to free herself from her selfish stepmother. How can Hestéat foil her stepmother’s evil plans when her stepmother’s power tells her when someone is lying? But Hestéat must free herself—Charmánen doesn't even know her real name.

About Llewella

When Llewella was young, her father read her the Oz books, the Narnia books, The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Her family watched PBS costume dramas and murder mysteries on television together. In college she began attending fan-run science fiction conventions. All of those influences come together in her writing: she writes fantasies set in historical times that involve stopping criminals.