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Stories of tenacious women battling injustice and creating their own happily-ever-after.

1802 Europe. She’s an orphaned psychic. He’s the Crown Prince of Terrigrannad.

After a morning of unfortunate events, Hestéat, a noblewoman skilled in the use of healing herbs, is walking in the rain, wearing a gown pulled from a rag bin. She is rescued by the Crown Prince and his retinue. To prevent gossips from inventing scandalous stories about her, Hestéat claims a fake identity.

Kept awake at night because of a secret so dangerous that not even his guards are allowed to know it, Crown Prince Charmánen is not convinced he will ever by worthy of his father’s throne. When Charmánen rescues a bedraggled young woman from the rain who behaves like an aristocrat, he yearns to find out more about her, but fate has other plans for him.

Back home, Hestéat’s stepmother has plans for her that would horrify her real parents. Unfortunately, Hestéat’s psychic power can only find people, which is useless in her fight to free herself from her selfish stepmother. How can Hestéat foil her stepmother’s evil plans when her stepmother’s power tells her when someone is lying? But Hestéat must free herself—Charmánen doesn’t even know her real name.

The first book in a romantasy pentalogy. If you love being swept off to magical places with absorbing plots, witty dialogue and elements of Cinderella, then you’ll love Llewella Forgie’s new romantasy series.


Meaningful Conflicts and Turning Points were written as part of the Off Campus Writers’ Workshop, one of the country’s longest, continuously running writing workshops. Though headquartered in Winnetka, IL, OCWW serves a global membership of over 400 writers with their weekly Zooms and hybrid workshops (both in-person and livestreamed).

Meaningful Conflicts: the Art of Friction

This unique collection of short stories, memoir, poetry and creative non-fiction from the members of Off Campus Writers’ Workshop represents a range of voices and levels of experience, from prize-winning authors to writers making their publishing debut. Featuring the work of over twenty-seven award-winning writers, Meaningful Conflicts takes readers on a multi-genre ride through a universe of discord and disputes.


Silver Winner in the Foreword Review of Books 2023 Indie Book Awards

“Recommended by a friend, I am enjoying Meaningful Conflicts. I love the variety of genres: poetry, fiction, flash fiction, nonfiction, essays, creative nonfiction all in one place. When I pick up the book, I flip to what I’m in the mood to read. So far, I have not been disappointed. There is something in Meaningful Conflicts for everyone. Enjoy!”
—Amazon reviewer

“So many authors, and so many provocative and evocative stories reminding us how easily we can destroy the ties that bind, and yet how very powerful those bonds are. It is heart-warming and invigorating to read the work of a group of writers whose names might not be familiar, but should be. Excellent for all ages.”
—Amazon reviewer

Turning Points: Short Stories, Memoirs and Creative Non-Fiction

A collection of short stories, memoir, and creative non-fiction from the members of Off Campus Writers’ Workshop, prepared in honor of the organization’s 75th anniversary. From award-winning authors to new writers for whom this is their first publication, Turning Points includes a wide range of voices.


“The quality of writing compelled me to read one more story before turning the light out at bedtime. Each was story enjoyable in its own right, starting with ‘Slam’ by Janet Souter and ending with ‘Hell Week’ by Renee James and stories in between such as ‘Porch Pirate’ by Susan Winstead, ‘Screensaver’ by Rita Angelini, or ‘How Grandpa George Got to Heaven’ by Peter Hoppock. This anthology covered most genres, some I normally would not read such as ‘Saving Emmatet’ by Tracie Koppel, which I found suspenseful. Each tales was a gem within itself.”
—Amazon customer

“Clearly blood, sweat, and tears went into the making of this book. So many authors, so many different kinds of stories, all so beautifully put together.”
—Amazon review

“I’m almost done reading this anthology of short stories, and haven’t hit a clunker yet. Such fun and interesting stories, told from so many different perspectives. I’ve been transported to different eras, different cities, different countries, seen different viewpoints, ages, and ethnicities. Great writing, great stories!”
—Amazon review